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Unveiled Productions is dedicated to supplying value to couples by balancing quality with affordability. We will be personal, professional, and flexible, creating unique videos to perfectly preserve incredible memories.


“We worked with Unveiled Productions on our wedding video. They went above and beyond our expectations. We would recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional results.” – David & Katy Caldwell

Who is Unveiled Productions?Matt Reinstadler and Jason Weitz

Jason Weitz has been married to his wife Teresa since 2006, and understands the value of capturing the memories of that special day in a unique and artistic way. Jason began working with video his freshman year of high school, and has been providing professional video services for events, weddings, and high end commercial projects for nine years. Jason has a particular passion for filming weddings, because he loves being an important part of the most significant moment in the lives of other couples.

Unveiled Productions strives to bring true value to couples by combining high quality video with affordable prices. By making each video unique to the couple, we ensure that every video is a work of art, specially tailored to meet your desires. We don’t rest until you are happy with your video!

The V.O.W. Package

This is our best and most important package. This package is tailored to your Very Own Wedding. Your needs, your budget, your style. We are committed to offering flexibility like no other videographer out there, without sacrificing affordable pricing. That is our VOW to you. This is totally custom, so tell us exactly what you want and we’ll give you a quote, or tell us your video budget and we’ll explain how we can maximize it. In addition to totally custom packages, each of our pre-built packages can be tailored to your requirements or budget. So don’t be afraid to ask us, and tell us what you want and need. Every couple and every wedding is unique. Why shouldn’t your video be?

Now add Blu-Ray to any package! We shoot full HD, and now you can enjoy your video in full HD! $20 each disc, $15 each disc with three or more.

Please note we now charge a travel fee of $1/mile for every mile past 25 miles from Tigard, Oregon, round-trip. E.G. if your event is 35 miles from Sherwood, your travel cost would be $10. Additionally, if you have a destination wedding out of the Northwest area, you must provide room, board, and travel expenses.


Click below to see our pre-made packages:


The Simple Ceremony+Reception ($700)

You don’t always need a fancy video. Sometimes, you just need a high quality camera being run by a professional to capture the ceremony as it happens. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the Simple Ceremony+Reception package is for you. It includes:
- One videographer for the ceremony (up to 5 hours, including half an hour of setup time)
- Two cameras for fully edited ceremony
- Full coverage of reception events
- Interveiws of friends and family
- 3 DVD’s with basic menu, digital copy of raw footage


- $35/hr extra per videographer
- Second videographer for extra footage (add $500)
- Extra DVD’s, Blu-Rays
- Contact us for additional customization



“Your Day” Basic ($1649)

This is our most popular package, and includes the “Your Day” video collage, which artistically commemorates your wedding day, set to music designed to enhance every frame. See our portfolio for examples of the video collage.

- One phone or Skype consultation prior to wedding
- One Videographer, All Day (Up to 8 hours)
- Customized “Your Day” Montage (unique and customized cinematic/documentary style)
- Full Ceremony Coverage with two cameras for edited ceremony
- Full Coverage of Reception Events (Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, Toasts, etc)
- Interviews of friends and family
- Raw footage on one separate DVD
- Second Priority Turnaround on the Edit (90 days guaranteed*)
- Three copies on standard DVD (Blu-Ray and additional copies available for additional fee)
- Backup of your edited videos**



*Except where an outside party such as photographer or outsourced service delays post-production.
**Fees apply for future retrieval of files.

“Your Day” Ultimate ($2249)

Similar to our standard package, but adds a lot of value, including a face to face prior to the wedding!
- One phone, Skype, or face to face consultation prior to wedding
- Two Videographers, All Day (Up to 8 hours)
- Customised “Your Day” Montage (unique and customized cinematic/documentary style)
- Full Ceremony Edit
- Coverage of Reception Events, edited (Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, Toasts, etc)
- Messages from loved ones while at reception
- “Your Day” Montage uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube for sharing and embedding
- Raw footage available on separate DVD
- Priority Turnaround on the Edit (30 days guaranteed*)
- Five copies on standard DVD (Blu-Ray available for free on request)


*Except where an outside party such as photographer or outsourced service delays post-production.
**Fees apply for future retrieval of files.



Just finished working on Rachel and Rob’s wedding. It was a unique ceremony at Langdon Farms, which included sawing a log!

Rachel&Rob from Unveiled Productions on Vimeo.

Great Review by Trevor and Cassie!

Trevor and Cassie just gave us a GREAT review on Thumbtack! Thanks guys!

“My wife and I are so happy and thankful that we found Unveiled Productions to shoot the video footage of our wedding!! Matt and Jason were a joy to work with, and they did an amazing job capturing our special day!
First off, they were very helpful in the planning stages of documenting our day. We were able sit down and meet with Jason, who really listened to what we were looking for from our video. He was very thorough with learning the details of our day, so that all the great moments would be captured on film.
Not only were they great in planning and correspondence leading up the wedding (They were especially great in their patience as we were juggling so many things regarding the preparations), but their execution and professionalism on that special day was top notch. We were able to have two videographers shoot the entire day, from our first look – which they captured so beautifully – to us driving off after the reception, and everything in between.
They did a magnificent job working in conjunction with our photographer – Jessica Hill Photography – while we were taking our pictures before the wedding. They caught a lot of memorable, behind-the-scenes moments leading up to the ceremony, and then absolutely nailed the footage of the actual ceremony. Every moment was beautifully documented by Matt and Jason.
Their great footage/documentation continued on into the party that was our reception. They got lots of interviews of our friends and family, did not miss one moment (from the Wii dance, Happy-matic Photobooth, speeches, first dance, parents’ dance, cake cutting, garter toss, etc.), and were all over the dance floor as the Hit Machine rocked the house!
Lastly, we were so impressed with the final product that Unveiled Productions provided for us. They made a video montage our day, but it wasn’t just some generic video. They were very thorough, professional, and collaborative in the way they customized the video to how we wanted it to look. They asked for us to choose a song we wanted, asked for our input as far as what we wanted in the montage and customized it in a way captured the day so perfectly. It was done so well and anyone who wants to see it should go to their website or facebook page to check it out! Not only did they do a great job on the montage, but the DVDs (and Blue-Ray disc) that they gave us, truly made us so thankful we choose Unveiled Productions. Not only was every moment we were hoping for caught on film, allowing me and my wife to “remember back”, but they did a phenomenal job catching those great moments that aren’t ‘scripted’, so to speak.
Their creativity, talent, professionalism, and fun are truly on display with their work. We couldn’t be more thankful and blessed to have Unveiled Productions film our wedding, and we would HIGHLY recommend them if you are looking for a video team that goes above and beyond expectations with their product, but also doesn’t cost you your mortgage have them. Thanks Unveiled Productions!!! ~ Trevor and Cassie”


We had a great time shooting Cassie and Trevor’s wedding, and we wish them the best! It was a beautiful service followed by an excellent reception at Oaks Park. Take a look at the video and enjoy!

Blu-Ray is here!

Unveiled Productions is now offering Blu-Ray! That’s right, you can get your wedding presented to you in High Definition. $20 each, $15 each if you buy three or more!

Wedding Season is Coming, so lock in your discounts!

Wedding season is on its way. Even though we still have a ways to go before the summer, now is the perfect time to book. In the next few months, bookings for videographers and photographers will triple. So get in now with Unveiled Productions while your date is still available.

Book in the next three months and you will get a 10% discount on any package.

If you sign our marketing agreement – which basically means you’ll review our work and put a link to our site when you post your video – you will get an extra 20% off.

And remember that all packages are customizable, including reducing to just one videographer which alone saves you $300! Combine all of this and Unveiled Productions commitment to exceptional quality and affordability, we are the perfect choice to capture your big day.

Click here to contact us and book now!

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Experience Matters

And not just direct experience. Having a diversity of experience can prepare you for many scenarios. At Unveiled, we have over 15 years combined experience with many forms of video production.

I (Jason) started out, and have been continuously involved with shooting events. That means plays, talent shows, beauty pageants, coaching seminars, tech conferences, and even editing a Tony Robbins event. How does that help me with weddings? Because like these shows, a wedding is live. When we cut cameras, there is no second take, no re-dos. That means that when something is happening, I need to be ready to capture it. And my background with events has made me quick on the draw, and very aware of human queues, so I can see when something is happening and be there to get on camera.

Additionally, Matt and I both have experience as editors. In fact, while I am a talented shooter, I usually introduce myself as an editor. Not only does this help your wedding video on the back end, when we use those skills directly to craft an amazing piece for you to cherish and share with your friends and family, but it also makes us better behind the camera. That may sound strange, but once you start to understand how to edit, you also understand what to shoot, and what not to shoot. This makes us more efficient filmers, allowing us to save media space on the important moments and only capture what filler we will actually use. And since we are also the editors, it means we can sort through the footage faster in post-production and deliver the final product sooner. I think that all camera operators and directors should be good editors as well.

On top of that, both Matt and I have direct experience shooting weddings, so we also know the ins and outs of this particular venue. Matt worked for a large Portland area wedding video service for four years, giving us a unique view into how the “big boys” do things. I have filmed several weddings myself, and also worked in a full production studio in Oregon City, enhancing my knowledge of editing, encoding, production and post-production workflow. And we haven’t even touched on Matt’s formal education in cinematic film.

All this and more culminates in a true veteran status, and we really want to bring that to as many weddings as possible. As I have said elsewhere on the blog (and will probably say in the future) my own wedding video was awful, and I feel it is my duty to prevent such a tragedy from happening to someone else whenever I can. So whether you are hiring us or someone else, make sure you know who you are working with, look at work samples and find out what else they know besides weddings. Experience can make all the difference.

Is Wedding Video Worth It?

Wedding season is upon us! Of course, you can get married any time of the year, but everyone knows that summer is the most popular season to tie the knot. And why not? It’s beautiful, sunny, warm, everyone is generally happier. So as busy brides prepare for the big day, it’s time to get the final ducks in a row. Decorations, caterers, give the band your song list… but what about video?

Wedding videography tends to fall low on the priority list, especially when it comes to the budget. And this is understandable. After all, pictures are easy to post on facebook or carry around in your wallet. And let’s face it – we’ve all seen wedding videos. You know the videos I’m talking about – low quality, stuck on a tripod, horrible audio. And who really wants to watch the ceremony over again? Some people maybe, but personally, I didn’t really want to listen to the ceremony during my own wedding (we chose a very short version)! In my opinion, it’s the most boring part of the wedding video. It’s a beautiful, emotional and truly special thing to experience but like a book that was great the first time through, knowing all the twists and turns makes the second read lackluster.

So if that’s all you’re getting, it stands to reason that you may as well just have your nephew point his iPhone at the alter and pay him twenty bucks, right?

But let’s look at the world of video today – Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook now all make sharing your wedding video as easy as sharing your pictures. And advances in video technology have made high quality cameras and editing equipment available to budding young artists (like us at Unveiled Productions) who possess the creative energy and vision to make a wedding video that really speaks to the emotion of the day, rather than merely document an event. All that, and it can be done at a reasonable rate.

So before writing off video completely, take a look at some samples, shop around, look at prices – and realize that the wedding video is not what it used to be: dry, straightforward, and low quality. You can obtain wedding videos today that are exciting, heartwarming, and high quality at a reasonable price. A video can really capture the essence of your wedding day through motion and music, in a way that still photos alone never will. Remember, a photo is for capturing an instant, but a video can capture an entire experience – and this is perhaps the most important experience of you life. Capture accordingly.

Jason Weitz
Co-Owner, Unveiled Productions


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